Profiles & Careers

This is the right choice if you:

  • want to turn your ideas into successful and long term sustainable businesses or successful new business models in the Food and Beverage industry;
  • are passionate about the Food and Beverage industry and its potential;
  • want to know about the peculiarities of the F&B industry in Italy, Spain and, more broadly, Europe;
  • want to gain a unique teaching experience in Turin and Barcelona;
  • want to get a unique on-field experience through an internship in Turin or Barcelona;
  • want to get in touch with successful SMEs in the Food and Beverage sector in Italy and Spain;
  • want to become a sustainable entrepreneur either in your own firm or in an existing one.



Our Sustainable Entrepreneur will gain the knowledge and develop the skills to innovate and turn ideas into successful and long-term sustainable businesses and/or will contribute to existing enterprises in the creation of innovative business models.

The Sustainable Entrepreneur has a double placement:

  • creator of his/her own business;
  • managerial roles in an established business reality for innovating business models and developing new markets.

Our students could ideally cover various positions within the F&B industry in the sustainability department, CSR department, marketing and communication, logistics and distribution, R&D.