14 luglio 2016

Internship & Mentoring


A wide network of professionals in the Food and Beverage industry will offer mentoring and guidance throughout the whole program on sustainability and innovative entrepreneurship as routes to market and allow participants to get in touch with successful business realities through case studies, company visits, webinars, seminars, company projects, testimonials and a unique on-field experience.

The internship (full or part time) will take place in one of the 3 countries depending on the availability of positions and students’ needs and expectations. The potential Food and Beverage companies (most likely Small and Medium Enterprises) will be introduced and presented at the beginning of the course and the students will have the chance to get to know the specificities of each business before making their decision.

For you students with a business idea in mind to be developed in the Food and Beverage industry, a further mentoring programme will be offered in order to set up the business plan and search for potential financial and strategic partners.

The internship will start in May 2017 and will last 3 months providing you with 10 CPUs.

The ideal positions that you will be asked to cover during the internship programme are the following:

  • managerial assistant positions (marketing, communication, logistics, import/export, sustainability) in Food and Beverage SMEs, social entreprises and cooperatives;
  • business models developers or innovators in existing Food and Beverages companies and/or start-ups;
  • managerial assistant positions in Food and Beverage chains (marketing, communication, logistics, sustainability, internationalization)