Programme & Degree

During the three semesters – full time from 9am to 1 pm, 5 days a week – the MFBSE provides high-quality knowledge and develops skills around local gastronomic culture, conceptual characterizations of sustainability and its applications on products, processes and practices, business and management, entrepreneurship as change of business mindset, start-ups creation, communication and intercultural management.


SAA School of Management (Turin)
1st semester, October-December


1.Food and Beverage culture and industry

2. Business Strategy and Project Management in the Food and Beverage sector

3. Accounting and Reporting

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Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona)
2nd semester, January-May


1. Supply Chain Management in F&B

2. Social Entre & Intrapreneurship in Food and Beverage

3. Family Business

4. Marketing and Communication in Food and Beverage

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London South Bank University (London)
3rd semester, October-December


1. Creativity Enterprise and Innovation

1.2 Curiosity, Creativity and Research

2. International Marketing

3. International Strategic Management and Innovation

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The Degree

The programme will provide you with 120 CPUs obtained through the training modules, the internship and the development of the final project (thesis) and you will be awarded with a Master’s Degree in Food and Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, you will get an additional award from London South Bank University (London, UK): the “Post-Graduate Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship“, based on the 30 CPUs obtained at LSBU.

Check our 1st edition students’ graduation ceremony in the unique location of Abat Oliba CEU, in Barcelona.