Mission & Goals

Sustainability, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Food and Beverage culture drive this unique Master’s Degree at training passionate students and offering them the business tools and the knowledge for succeeding as Sustainable Entrepreneurs and/or Business Models developers and innovators in the Food and Beverage industry. The focus is put on sustainability in an international perspective by developing theoretical and critical thinking as well as practical applications.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a change in the mind-set towards the creation of an entrepreneurial attitude, which works both in newly set up companies and in established ones and will allow future entrepreneurs to deal with complexity through sustainable processes and practices in the Food and Beverage context.

Our Sustainable Entrepreneur will gain high-quality knowledge and develop the skills to innovate and turn ideas into successful and long-term sustainable businesses and/or will contribute to existing enterprises in the creation of new business models.

Classes will take place at SAA School of Management, located in Turin (Italy) and at Abat Oliba CEU, located in Barcelona (Spain), with the aim of bringing together valuable teaching backgrounds, companies’ best practices and an understanding of the local F&B culture through a unique on-field experience.

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 Strategic objectives:

  • Provide tools and knowledge to start up a successful business in the field of Food and Beverage (F&B)
  • Train future entrepreneurs within the sector in an academic and practical environment
  • Teach how to build a valuable network in the field to strengthen the business
  • Provide a wide range of potential partners and business contacts
  • Promote the learning in a multicultural environment
  • Facilitate business opportunities in the UK, Italy and Spain
  • Promote and support the reference environment/community through the creation of sustainable businesses
  • Channel creative ideas into businesses implementation
  • Provide key insights over the sector and facilitate students in recognizing new trends and business opportunities, based on sustainability and innovation
  • Provide high-quality managerial training over business plan and marketing to set up SMEs
  • Offer a successful combination of academics and experts/entrepreneurs/managers working in the F&B industry
  • Teach how to effectively manage communication internally and externally
  • Provide inspiring ideas for further developments
  • Provide a personal mentorship programme
  • Provide a clear understanding of the legal and fiscal system in the countries at issue
  • Guide in the creation of a sustainable business and innovative business models according to ethical and responsible requirements
  • Establish a debate over the trends and their implications on the F&B industry
  • Support students in understanding complex issues at the intersection of enogastronomic disciplines and beyond