Alumni and Testimonials


“I think this experience is a perfect combination because it puts together the gastronomic and the economic worlds faced both theoretically and practically”. (Isabella Bourlot, 1st edition)




“The program covers different subjects in order to create future entrepreneurs capable in every direction. In my opinion, it is important to have a comprehensive knowledge not only about the food and beverage culture, but also about management, logistic, sustainability. These are the areas which MFBSE fills from different angles”. (Cecilia Pellegrino, 1st edition)



“I always has a particular interest in the food business and after working many years in this sector I seized the opportunity to attend the first 1st edition of the Master in Food and Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship. This was a great chance to further develop my knowledge and receive 360-degree formation from three different institutions located in three different countries. The program and its courses completely matched my interest regarding food culture and industry and the related subject, which is of great importance nowadays, of sustainability”. (Alexander Wolf Shultz, 1st edition).


“One of the perks of the MFBSE is that it gave me more passion in what I’m studying, thanks to the brilliant professors and the many managers and entrepreneurs who we came in contact with”. (Roberta Bruno, 1st edition)






Click below for Angela’s (graduated 2020, 2nd edition) opinion on her path within the MFBSE!