Creative Leadership Diploma

Abat Oliba CEU (Barcelona)

Creative Leadership Diploma, June                                                                       

This course (5 ECTS) is taught at Abat Oliba CEU and provides the students with the Diploma in Creative Leadership, awarded by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL;

The universities that form the group will provide training in knowledge and abilities related to leadership in accordance with the methodology implemented by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The agreement signed between the two institutions makes CEU the first and only educational institution in Spain to be certified by the CCL to provide such training.

Nowadays, the characteristics of professional activity mean that knowledge is not so important as the ability to transform it into real action. In this context, the alliance between CEU and CCL takes on strategic value, due both to the focus on leadership as an added value and to the assurance of quality and innovation provided by working with the CCL, which Forbes recently included among the top five business schools in the world.

The methodology used in this leadership programme, which will be implemented across the various programmes and degrees, requires a first phase of teacher training. Once they have completed this first phase, teachers will be able to act as Leadership Essentials Trainers, which, as mentioned, will form part of the academic curriculum of courses that are taught both at our own University and at the other two universities in the CEU group.

This training will enable students to acquire the mindset, skills and tools necessary to exercise effective leadership, adapted to different personal and professional contexts.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is one of the ten largest institutions of executive leadership training worldwide. Its mission is to advance the development of knowledge, practice and leadership for the benefit of international society. The CCL has eight operational centres in different countries, 900 employees and around 500,000 alumni. In addition to Forbes, both Business Week and The Financial Times also rank the centre among the world’s top executive education institutions.