3rd semester LSBU

London South Bank University (London)
3rd semester, October-December



1.Creativity Enterprise and Innovation

The module focuses on the rapidly changing world around us, it is imperative that students are able to think creatively, problem solve and create advantage for themselves (be entrepreneurial) and for the businesses they may work for (be intrapreneurial). The module encourages students to question what they see and experience around them with an aim to enhance their creativity and to discover new and improved ways of doing things.

This module is to be taught alongside the Curiosity, Creativity and Research module. This will enable deeper exploration of entrepreneurial ideas within a wider research context with the potential to develop these ideas into a Capstone Project and beyond.

This module is at the start of the students post graduate research journey:

Creativity, Enterprise & Innovation & Curiosity, Creativity & Research, Project Launch Residential, Research in Action, Project Escalator Residential, Capstone Business Project.

This module aims to:

  • support students in developing an understanding of the importance of innovation, creativity and problem solving to generate positive change in a business context;
  • enable students to investigate enterprise and innovation processes in business and enterprise;
  • enable students to manage the risks associate with creativity and enterprise development.

1.2 Curiosity, Creativity and Research

This module introduces students to the research process, the mindset of the researcher and in particular to the idea of creativity in research and what it means to be a ‘creative researcher’.  In this module, students will identify potential topics for their practice-based dissertation and explore these with the aid of creative thinking techniques.   In this way their research ideas can be refined and expressed in terms of clear research questions and objectives making use of the relevant literature and theoretical concepts.

This module is to be taught alongside the Creativity, Enterprise and Innovation Module. This will enable deeper exploration of entrepreneurial ideas within a wider research context with the potential to develop these ideas into a Capstone Project and beyond.

This module aims to:

  • support students in the process of identifying and specifying a practice-based research topic;
  • develop the skills of literature review and critical appraisal;
  • encourage curiosity and creativity through the application of creative thinking techniques to potential research topics while at the same time focussing on the key ideas, literature and theories of their chosen topics.

2. International Marketing 

Understanding international marketing concepts and developing international marketing skills are essential for the success of organisations operating in increasingly global, challenging and changing markets. This module develops an understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and provides an overview of the macro-environment of international business and economic development. This lays the basis for an appreciation of strategic international marketing challenges including the use of big data, digital analytics, and global supply chain management. The course provides a strategic overview of international marketing issues, integrating theory and practice across a wide range of international business contexts.

This module aims to enable students to understand and apply international marketing concepts to different sectors as well as contextualising the subject for different types of organisations in different countries and cultures. The module also provides students with a working knowledge of the issues addressed by international marketers based on an understanding of the analysis of international marketing opportunities, international markets; international marketing decision-making and strategy formulation.

Main subjects:

  • The International Marketing Environment and Competitor Dynamics
  • International Marketing Research & Buyer Behaviour
  • Globalisation Processes, Culture and Glocalisation
  • International Market Segmentation & Selection
  • International Market Entry Strategies
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • International Distribution Channels & Logistics
  • Global Product & Service Strategies
  • Global Pricing Strategies
  • Global Branding & Communications
  • Standardisation and Adaptation in the International Marketing Mix
  • International digital, content and optimisation marketing
  • Big data, marketing analytics and their roles in international marketing strategies

3. International Strategic Management and Innovation 

This module aims to give students insight into the roots of competitive advantage, and how international organisations can develop strategies that establish and sustain it, acting ethically and responsibly. Students will appreciate the challenges of managing complexities in diverse, internationally operating businesses. They will develop an understanding of the key role of innovation, and the ways in which organisations can stimulate it and  capture value from it.

This module aims to:

  • give students an appreciation of the international business environment and of key developments within it;
  • enable students to analyse an organisation’s strategy, specifically the manner in which it deploys resources and capabilities to advantage within its business environment;
  • provide students with an appreciation of the importance of innovation and the ways a firm can nurture and profit from it;
  • equip students with an understanding of ethical and socially responsible management practice and the role of such practices in strategy;
  • empower students to make robust proposals, firmly grounded in strategic analysis, for future organisational strategies.