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Mission & Goals

Sustainability, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Food and Beverage culture drive this unique Master’s Degree


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Course Structure

3 semesters,
3 countries,
unique on-field experience,
final project


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internship & mentoring

Prestigious Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK,
Italy and Spain
for a valuable internship


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The role of the Sustainable Entrepreneur represents
a change of mentality
in the business mindset



a Sustainable Entrepreneur
Food & Beverage

The role of the Sustainable Entrepreneur represents a step forward and a change of mentality in the Food and Beverage industry, where sustainability and entrepreneurship come together as more effective routes to market.
"Becoming a Sustainable Entrepreneur is even more significant when it comes to gastronomic sciences, due to their close link to natural resources and local communities well-being. Our sustainable entrepreneur is a person who will make his/her business idea concrete or will support new business formulas in existing SMEs. He/She will adopt practices for an optimum economic and social outcome, whilst continuously innovating business practices and strengthening the networking capacity in respect to the community and the heritage.
Through our course, future entrepreneurs will gain the tools and the knowledge to innovate in various contexts in order to turn ideas into successful and long-term sustainable businesses and/or contribute to existent enterprises for rethinking processes, products and activties in a sustinable logic that will reshape the business."

  • of business mindset

  • with complexity

  • for an optimum social and economic outcome

  • new sustainable businesses


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