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The role of the Sustainable Entrepreneur represents a step forward and a change of mindset in the Food and Beverage industry, where sustainability and entrepreneurship come together as more effective routes to market. Becoming a Sustainable Entrepreneur is even more significant when it comes to gastronomic sciences, due to their close link to natural resources and local communities' well-being. Our sustainable entrepreneur is a person who will make his/her business idea concrete and/or will support new business formulas in existing enterprises. He/She will adopt practices for an optimum economic and social outcome, whilst continuously innovating business practices and strengthening the networking capacity by respecting community, humanity, heritage and the business purpose and survival. Through the MFBSE, future entrepreneurs will gain the tools and the knowledge to innovate in various F&B contexts in order to turn ideas into successful and long-term sustainable businesses and/or contribute to existing enterprises for rethinking processes, products and activties in a sustainable logic that will offer a new voice and a moral standing to all stakeholders and support business and society wellbeing

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A word from our directors

Chiara Civera

Chiara Civera

Director, Italy

“I couldn’t be prouder to be the director of such a unique programme. Our mission responds to complex market conditions – that students are asked to deal with, in their everyday life and career – and opens up innovations for the challenging Food and Beverage industry. Nowadays our students are asked to act and react fast and effectively to continuous changes, with the consciousness that decisions need to be sustainable, coherent and paying attention to the reference environment and community, so to contribute to make the difference globally. In our vision, sustainability has to deal with humanization, society, economy and environment at the same time and we aim at shaping students’ mind according to sustainable and fair criteria and to making them re-think of innovative ways to approaching the Food and Beverage markets, in order to strive for an optimum social and economic outcome. Talking about sustainability in the food and beverage sector is natural and obvious. Teaching how to put that in practice is our goal."

Bram-Kees Trouwborst

Bram-Kees Trouwborst

Director, Spain

“Recent events show us that the world can be an uncertain and ambiguous place, that confronts different stakeholder groups constantly with a wide range of complex issues. Investigation is needed to understand what happens around us and innovation is crucial to develop solutions for multiple sectors of the economy. Food and Beverage forms an essential part of our ecosystem. It generates much more than products alone; it connects us with who we are and creates a fundamental sense of community and purpose. Therefore, the Master Food and Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship is highly relevant today. Our program aims to deliver future leaders; entrepreneurs who understand that profit, people and planet are to be considered simultaneously to generate sustainable value for society. Spain and Italy are preeminent examples of how gastronomy blends perfectly with culture, people and art. I feel deeply honoured to lead this project in such a rich environment and provide entrepreneurs with the ideal recipe to make their personal ventures a success."



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