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The role of the Sustainable Entrepreneur represents a step forward and a change of mindset in the Food and Beverage industry, where sustainability and entrepreneurship come together as more effective routes to market. Becoming a Sustainable Entrepreneur is even more significant when it comes to gastronomic sciences, due to their close link to natural resources and local communities' well-being. Our sustainable entrepreneur is a person who will make his/her business idea concrete and/or will support new business formulas in existing enterprises. He/She will adopt practices for an optimum economic and social outcome, whilst continuously innovating business practices and strengthening the networking capacity by respecting the community, the heritage and the business survival. Through the MFBSE, future entrepreneurs will gain the tools and the knowledge to innovate in various F&B contexts in order to turn ideas into successful and long-term sustainable businesses and/or contribute to existing enterprises for rethinking processes, products and activties in a sustainable logic that will reshape the business.

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A word from our people
Chiara Civera

Chiara Civera

Director, IT

“I couldn’t be prouder to be the director of such unique programme. Our mission responds to complex market conditions – that students are asked to deal with, in their everyday life and career – and opens up innovations for the challenging Food and Beverage industry. Nowadays our students are asked to act and react fast and effectively to continuous changes, with the consciousness that decisions need to be sustainable, coherent and paying attention to the reference environment and community, so to contribute to make the difference globally. In our vision, sustainability has to deal with society, economy and environment at the same time and we aim at shaping students’ mind according to sustainable criteria and to making them re-think of innovative ways of approaching the Food and Beverage markets, in order to strive for an optimum social and economic outcome. Talking about sustainability in the food and beverage sector is natural and obvious. Teaching how to put that in practice is our goal."

Joan Ripoll

Joan Ripoll

Director, SP

“We want to teach to upcoming generations of entrepreneurs what really an entrepreneur is, according to a change of business mindset. Entrepreneur is not only a person who sets up his/her own business, also someone who is able to tackle the challenge and the responsibility of innovating, leading a team and transforming existent business realities and business models according to fair and sustainable practices. We aim at teaching our students that they can contribute to re-shape the future, leveraging on the big impact that Small and Medium Enterprises have in all the three countries involved, and so in the whole European context. The Food and Beverage sector, growing and changing as rapidly as stakeholders’ expectations towards more sustainable businesses, represents a strategic sector in Italy, Spain and the UK and its potential is huge in terms of economic numbers and influence on culture, people and planet."



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